Interesting Information About Texas

Texas is often referred to as the Lone Star State in association with the state flag that features one single star. The pledge to this particular flag was first adopted in regards to the 43rd Legislature and contained a phrase “Flag of 1836” which was a reference to the David G. Burnet flag opposed to the Lone Star Flag. In the year 2007 according to the 80th legislature the pledge was altered to what stands to today as Honoring the Texas flag and that individual pledge their allegiance to Texas under one God and one state.

The people who live in Texas typically call each other Texans. However, in the earlier part of this state’s history people living in Texas were called Texian.

Texas State Symbols:

•The State Bird

The Mimus polyglots better known as the Mockingbird is the Texas state bird and was first adopted by the 40th Legislature in 1927 on a request from the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.

•The State Flower

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet which is also known as the wolf flower or buffalo clover. This flower became the state of Texas flower from a request from the Society of Colonial Dames in Texas in 1901 in the 27th Legislature.

•The State Tree

The Carya Illinois NSIS better known as the pecan tree is the Texas state tee and the sentiments behind its adoption came from a request from Gov. James Stephen Hogg when he asked for a pecan tree to be planted next to his grave. In 1919 in the 36th Legislature the pecan tree was adopted.

Random Facts You May Not Know About Texas

•Alamo located in San Antonio is the place whereby Texan defenders were defeated by the Mexican General Santa Anna. This is when the popular phrase is known as Remember the Alamo originated from. Alamo is regarded as the cradle of Texas liberty as well as being the most popular historical site in the state.