Learn 5 Tricks For Finding Cheap Apartments Near Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is a place a lot of people like to live, given the variety of things to do and easy access to places of employment. However, with rising home prices, the tepid yet growing economy is starting to see rents rise too. Every dollar you can save on rent matters for the time you live here so keeps reading to learn five tricks for finding cheap apartments near Alamo Heights.

1) Be in touch with complex offices early and often. Units are always going to open up sporadically, sometimes without warning, especially in cases of someone living alone dying or a family getting evicted. Marketing an apartment as being available costs time and money. If you stay in touch with a leasing agent in an office and they know to call you, then you might be able to snag a unit from them before they have to publicize it. You should be able to negotiate their savings into some savings for yourself.

2) Consider subletting. If you want the most bang for the buck in any lease, then three bedroom apartments are the way to go. Lease one when it becomes available, and then sublet the extra two bedrooms to roommates after you have moved in. They only need to know how much they have to pay for rent and utilities, not what you are paying. Don’t gouge them, as they’ll likely figure it out, but you can probably get away with paying less than a third of everything yourself.

3) Haggle with apartment offices. When you decide you want a particular unit, they will probably offer you several different options of varying lease lengths. You might notice that the longest lease is not the cheapest per month. Ask them for the longest term offered at the lowest monthly price offered. Most every property manager has the authority to agree to this request.

4) Don’t just search for ‘apartments near Alamo Heights’ online. The search engine might only search inside the designated map boundaries of Alamo Heights. Rather, it is better to search for the postal ZIP code, plus any ZIP codes around it to find gems that might be just outside the official boundaries.

5) Know where the good schools are. Even if you don’t have kids, you want to know where these are so that you can avoid them. An apartment complex in a good school district might mean higher rents than a higher quality complex inside the student area of a less desirable school.